Monday, April 23, 2012

Tools and resources used

I'll post a list of tools and consumables here as I use them. This list will grow, and will probably not list all things I use.
I'll try to give reason why and feedback on how they worked out. Feel free to ask if I don't write it.

  1. Drill Cordless: Lots of things
  2. Drill Powered 600w: Lots of things
  3. Drill Press: Armature, drilling out eyes
  4. Vacuum pump and Vacuum chamber (Pressure cooker with acrylic clear lid): Degassing Silicone, Vac-form windows.
  5. Hot melt glue gun: Misc jobs
  6. Misc clamps
  7. Sculpting tools (Misc (see pic))
  8. Rolling pin
  9. Hammer
  10. Screwdrivers
  11. Hobby hand drill & 1mm drill bit: Drilling out puppet eye locators
  12. Air compressor: Clean up sanded parts prior to painting
  13. Hole saw: wheel templates
  14. Jigsaw (with fine blades): car armature, Gobos, set building

  1. Sand paper Misc: (finishing)
  2. Easycast (White): Commodore body and dashboards, rims and wheels.
  3. Eastcast pigments: pupil colour
  4. Clear resins and resin pigments: Lights and blinkers.
  5. PinkySil: Molding
  6. M4601 A/B silicone: Molding car
  7. Clear cast resin
  8. Resin pigments
  9. Dragon Skin Silicone: car tyres
  10. Baby wipes: they clean up plasticine really well
  11. MDF sheet: 3mm: car armature
  12. Klean Klay (Soft/Med) approx 5kg: Maquettes (It gets reused a lot!)
  13. Sculpey: Misc BG props
  14. Super sculpey: Key props
  15. Misc Timber off cuts: molding
  16. misc enamel and acrylic model and house paints: Model and set painting.