Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Here is where I'll post the progress and ideas for my puppet build.

Eyelid test.
I tried a method of eyelids shown to my by a friend Will Davy many years ago.
You get a plastic milk bottle, cut the sides so you have a bunch of flat plastic panels, heat it slowly over a gas flame until it goes clear, stretch it over a ball/eye on a stick and once it cools/hardens, you trim and paint to spec.
I haven't done any animation tests, but here are some pics.

cut out eyelids are tacky-waxed to dress pins in a block of the good stuff.

Painting them darker than the plasticine colour, so the contrast of the blink is stronger.

Maltesers! wet paint do not touch.

A stoner od a puppet with lids on place. (I'll try run a blink test and post it next week.)
The whole process (not counting paint drying) took 1hr.

I have completed the armature and published a video on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/-b7kAJiFbdk

Here is a pic:

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