Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress report

I still have no money to sink into the project (other than my own) but I'm working on things that don't require much money.
Script - Done
Character designs - Done
Character build - Started
Model build - Started

Feb 28th 2011
The name is finalised (at this point!)
Previous working titles were a bit long and/or obscure, so at the advice of my script editor, I’ve settled on things you can’t unlearn.
Previous titles have included:
  1. Traralgon 40 (Based upon where the story takes place)
  2. Dashboard confessional (Is also a band name)
  3. LongK
  4. When we were younger and better.

Jan 14 2011
Have just received confirmation that my 300+ page funding submission for 2011 Short Animation fund has been received.
I have 8 weeks to see if I was successful.
Now to find a producer...

Nov 17 2010
After much too-ing and froing, I’m reasonably happy with the script.
I had a professional script editor read my script and she made about 10 pages of suggestions based on my 20 page script. It’s now down to 13 pages and after losing and re-adding a ‘moment of clarity’ (trip) sequence I think it’s much stronger.
I had a big backstory which I removed, and in a few fleeting spots, we get a vague idea of the back story. Much more mystique and much stronger as a result.

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